Thank You for starting the quoting process on your insurance with Easy Benies!! 


If you have any questions or would like to speak with Jeremy, please email [email protected] or call/text 317-379-1008. 

Here is what you can expect as we work on providing you with the coverage you want and need:  

  • Since we are independent and shop a number of carriers to find the best options for you, quotes are not instant.  It usually takes a day or two to get quotes back.  If your policy expires in the next few days, we will do our best to get you some quotes – please contact Jeremy directly to see about possibly expediting the process as this is not always possible.  
  • If you skipped (or didn’t have) any of the personal information such as Driver’s License #’s or SS#’s of all drivers in your household, we will call you to collect that info over the phone.   
  • We will contact you to review the coverage limits, possible discounts and credits, savings through bundling, and also accounting for any changes that may have occurred since you purchased your current policies. 


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