Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary benefits help to round out a quality employee benefit package and include coverage such as dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. These benefits can be set up as employer paid or employee paid.

If there are corporate dollars available to help fun ancillary benefits, we are fond of setting up a “Benefit Bank” for the employees where the employer can determine an affordable defined contribution amount that the employee can use to purchase whatever coverage makes sense for them. Our advisors then work with your employees to understand their and their family’s needs and life stage to determine where those dollars can be put to best use.

Many employers focus all of their benefit dollars towards their health plan but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a well-rounded package on a voluntary, employee paid basis. Many of our ancillary coverages have minimal to no participation requirements. For example, our favorite dental plans only require two participants and have full coverage from day one, so no waiting periods for any dental procedures. We can even offer orthodontia with as little as 5 participating employees.

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We have extensive knowledge of what Ancillary products are available and which options would be best for you and your company. We make sure that you and your employees have the best products, at the best rates, with the best underwriting offers, utilizing our un-matched enrollment options and perpetual service.

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“I have dealt with Easy Benies as both an employer, offering benefits to our employees, and as an employee navigating some health insurance challenges, and Parrish and his team at Easy Benies have been helpful and beyond responsive in both instances. HIGHLY recommend Easy Benies for ALL of your benefit needs.”

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“I have worked with Easy Benies now for over a year and the level of responsiveness, service, and expertise we have received has been far above and beyond anything we have experienced in the past.”

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